Our First Day Volunteering!

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John was feeling ‘nervously excited’ on the train to his teaching English project. John was feeling ‘nervously excited’ on the train to his teaching English project. Emma Kelly

The first day as a volunteer in a new city can be a daunting but eye-opening experience. I for one was feeling a little nervous and very excited!


As a communications volunteer I was heading out to visit two of Voluntario Global’s projects to take some photos and experience a day in the life of a volunteer. I was most worried about having to travel around this huge city using public transport- I happen to be very good at getting lost and it was my first time taking busses, trains and the subte here. However, with the help of the coordinator, Milena, and other volunteers I mastered the use of my SUBE card in no time and really enjoyed the chance to see new parts of the city from the window of a bus or train. The journeys were the perfect opportunity to reflect on the projects we had visited, catch up with the volunteers and practice listening to Castellano! Visiting the projects was really good fun, meeting some inspiring, lovely people and getting the chance to immerse myself further into the culture and language. I am really looking forward to many more project visits during my time here!


We also got the chance to have a chat with English volunteer, Emma, on her first day at the kindergarten and John, from the US, on his first day helping to teach English. Emma explained how she was feeling very intrigued and open-minded before arriving at the kindergarten, and really enjoyed her first day, her favourite part being playtime with the younger group (despite a very messy lunchtime!). Emma told us that volunteering at the kindergarten is different to any other experience she’s ever had and she is looking forward to engaging the children in some new activities and helping out more.


John was feeling ‘nervously excited’ on the train to his teaching English project, but settled in right away. He really enjoyed comparing his Spanish language-learning experience with the kids’ English learning experience and having a joke about accents. Inspired by the quality of the staff at the project, he is excited to introduce some new, fun activities to the students.


We wish John and Emma good luck on their volunteer journeys, and hope they continue having lots of fun!


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