Day of the Dead: An old Tradition in Mexico

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Day of the death is an old tradition in Mexico. The ancient Mexicans used to invite their dead to dinner in the month of August, during the corn harvest season.

People organized meetings in the pantheons, they adorned the graves, and used candles and marigold petals for the dead to recognize the way to the altar.

The Spaniards banned indigenous people set up their altars and offerings of dead in the cemeteries and public squares, but the tradition was not lost, it rather merged with the Catholic tradition of venerating, 1st November, to "All Saints "; and now, in Mexico, the Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 2 in all towns and cities.

Each region has different characteristics in this celebration, but all share the same spirit that is remembering the dead and invite them to live with the living for a few hours. They prepare large tables with traditional dishes and everything that might please or serve the visitor spirit. 

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