Remember To Be A Tourist in Buenos Aires

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Be a tourist in Buenos Aires Be a tourist in Buenos Aires Mia Wagenbach para Voluntario Global

Living in Buenos Aires for the past two months has been absolutely amazing. I feel as though I really know the city and have learned the culture, and I love it!

As my time here is coming to an end there is only one thing I regret: I never really embraced my inner tourist.

There are so many incredible tourist attractions in this city that I recently realized I have failed to take advantage of. Numerous educational, and free, museums and walking tours that discuss the cultural and political history of Buenos Aires, breathtaking monuments and sights such as the Recoleta cemetery, Puerto Madero, and the city’s Nature Reserve, and various other attractions such as famous cafes, weekend markets, and bars. So as I scramble in my last two weeks to see and experience all I can, I beg you to fully take advantage of your time here.

Utilize your days off to visit a museum or two and enjoy a cafe, spend your evenings walking along Puerto Madero, or taking a Tango class, and use your nights to go to bars and try local beers. You only have so much time in the city, use it!




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