Let’s talk about soft skills: Conflict management and problem solving

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Soft Skills Certificate Conflict Management and problem solving Soft Skills Certificate Conflict Management and problem solving Milena Sapey

 Two of the skills related to how to handle difficult situations are conflict management and problem-solving. They might seem similar, so we should start by defining both of them.

Conflict management is the ability to face emotions that arise when dealing with divergent opinions and interests. But it’s also about getting a result that benefits every part though dialogue. On the other hand, problem-solving is more related to finding creative and possible solutions to problems and challenges that might appear. Both skills involve challenging situations and the ability to handle them. These situations might appear in our houses, our workplace, our relationships and it’s important even to our health to face them without much problem. These are indeed important soft skills and also complex ones as they involve other skills as well such as creativity, communication, active listening, flexibility, empathy, etc.

These skills show that problems shouldn’t frighten us, is the most common thing to have different opinions and the appearance of conflicts among people. Therefore, we should learn how to handle them without it affecting us deeply or just giving up. The development of these skills requires reflection, time, and experience. In this line, volunteering abroad can help to its development, not because volunteering is full of problems, but because you will be out of your comfort zone and because you can learn from others. It’s important to make clear that none of these abilities implicates doing everything by yourself, when volunteering if a problem appears we will handle it as the team we are and it can work that way in any other environment as well.

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