Artistic Movements in Buenos Aires: Muralists of La Boca

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Muralistas en La Boca Muralistas en La Boca FM Riachuelo

The event “Encuetro de Muralistas Freddy Filete Fernandes” was organized by a joint of La Boca’s organizations with a group of street artists. An initiative that aims to shape the cultural origins together with the problems daily affecting his neighbourhood.

In the presence of the city government’s initiative to deprive us of our history, the barrio organizes itself and respond in order to tell his struggles’ history and remind his militants and those who lost their life due to injustices, as Marin Oso Cisneros and those kids who died in the Banco’s fire. An activity that derives its name and is organized in memory of Freddy Filete, a well known street artist in the barrio for his solidarity and work.

Today the walls’ preparation has been done, while tomorrow it will begin the intervention of the artists featuring the neighbourhood and the organizations operating in the barrio, which assure to actively participate in these three working days. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from the morning with the olla popular in order to invite people who get close to join.

It starts on wednessday the third meeting organized by La Boca’s organizations which jointly with the street artists of different crews, promise being more than just an artistic event; it will be an important show of the barrios’ cultural origins, an account over its history and its collective consciousness that drives it.

The artists work closely with the young people and the neighbours, as Lucho tells us, one of the artists of the Colectivo Nomale, who remind us how political militancy and artistic expression are here combined.

For the sketch’s realization and the themes they are going to realize on this wall contiguous to the symbolic and historical headquarter of the Comedor Los Pibes, the artists kept meetings with O.S. and P. Los Pibes, FM Riachuelo and Boca Resiste y Propone and so deal with the criminalization of the social protest, the Oso Cisneros’ murder and the Banco’s burst, the neoliberalism, the 2001, the Banco’s fire and the kids who died there as a consequence of this unfair system.

Alejandra Coman, from O.S. y P. Los Pibes declared that the meeting whas held because it was something specific “we already had a mural before where there was Martin (Oso Cisneros, murdered in 2004), the fire and the families who lost their sons and moreover because history belongs to  the people”.

Social injusticies, inequalities and the housing emergency are part of the topics represented in the murals which will be realized.  However, the social crisis is not just an economic phenomenon: cultural centres close along with factories, in a phase of neoliberal ideology that shows its strongest contradictions. The actual crisis endangers also La Boca’s culture, a culture painted on its walls as its history’s truth: with the city government’s will to cancel these murals in order to put other symbols of a different identity. The aim I to delete the community’s memory, as the Colectivo Nomade’s artist shows us, who remind us how rebellion has always been part of the La Boca’s identity, starting from the assembles and  the dining room that show organization as a way to face the injustices. In order to give birth to the barrio’s cultural live, the artists joined and started preparing the walls, so that the murals could last through time.

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