Reviews from Past Volunteers (213)

Laura's Final Meeting

Interview with Laura Blackmore, Communications Volunteer

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One of my final conclusions of my volunteer experience would be that I want to be less stressed when I'm coming back to Australia and just enjoy life more, and…

Volunteer Lily from University of Minnesota

Volunteer experience: Lily from the USA

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Interview with volunteer Lily about her experience in Argentina.

Voluntario Global Ambassador Liz Palmieri

Voluntario Global Ambassador Elizabeth Palmieri

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I was born in Canada and studied at Carleton University.

Volunteer Maddy on her fist day

Get to know Maddy, from the US

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Maddy works once a week in the home for children as part of her Service Learning class in Buenos Aires

Riccardo working at the Radio Station in Buenos Aires

Riccardo Antonucci Since Voluntario Global

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From working in a Community Radio Station to studying his Master's degree, Voluntario Global Riccardo Antonucci feels that his experience in Argentina has impacted him now he is home.

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Voluntario Global helps local communities by being available to discuss anything that local organizations need, and offering ideas for further change and development.


Location: General Pacheco. Buenos Aires. Argentina

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