Reviews from Past Volunteers

Reviews from Past Volunteers (221)

Volunteer Ines in the kindergarten

Meet Ines, Volunteer from Germany!

Get to know more about Ines' experience in the kindergarten!

Le volontariat ce n’est pas seulement aider, c’est aussi recevoir

Le volontariat ce n’est pas seulement aider, c’est aussi recevoir

Durant cette expérience de quatre mois où j’ai travaillé pour Voluntario Global, j’ai beaucoup appris. J’ai découvert un autre pays,…

Meeting at the radio station

Volunteering Means not only to Help, but also to Receive

During this experience of four months where I worked for Voluntario Global, I learnt a lot. I discovered another country,…

Sophia and Izzy's Review

Sophia and Izzy's Experience Teaching English

Volunteers Sophia and Izzy tell us about their experience teaching English in Buenos Aires.

Communication volunteer in action

5 Things I've Learned in Argentina

After one month and a half volunteering in Buenos Aires, as communication assistant, I know how much this experience is…

stagiaire en communication

5 choses que j’ai appris en Argentine

Après un mois et demi de volontariat en tant qu’assistance communication de l’association, je me rend compte à quel point…

Helena in the kindergarten

What Advice would you Give to Future Volunteers?

Volunteers Helena & Jule talk about their experience helping in one the kindergartens in Buenos Aires.

Peter teaching english

Volunteer Review: Peter Teaching English in Argentina

Peter volunteered in the Teaching English project in 2017 and he shared his thoughts and a few tips with us.

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