5 Things that will Help you Become the Best Volunteer Ever

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We see ourselves and our volunteers as community builders. Here's what we think we can all do in order to spread the word about the cause we believe in and work for.

A community builder supports a community and the individuals who are part of it, discovering what is strong about them and helping to work towards improvement, development and growth. We define ourselves as community builders because we work alongside local organizations as they develop and grow, putting emphasis on the fact that no person is more nor less important than another and that we are all equals working together. Volunteers, coordinators and organizations connect and unite to achieve a common goal in local development. Therefore, we believe that the volunteer's main responsibility is to become agent of change. Although this doesn't sound easy, it is possible if take into account the following:

1. Be part of a project that is relevant for the community you work for.

At Voluntario Global, we have a ongoing campaign of awareness about Ethical Photography: In order to be part of this campaign, you can send us a picture or short video that shows a special person or moment you had in your project. Make sure you accompany the images with a few words explaining your thoughts, feelings, or that explain why you’re sharing that image. Ethics in photography is all about meaningful and powerful messages that you want to share with others.

2. Share your experience in Social Media.

This might be specially helpful for those who are thinking about volunteering but have not decided yet what to do or where to go. Think about how useful it has been to you reading reviews or scrolling through pictures of other volunteers' experiences. So, every time you share a picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag the organization you're working for, you help not only the organization but also people who are thinking about doing the same.

3. Help our Communications Team.

Our Communications Team works hard to help the projects become more visible to future volunteers. Therefore, they might ask you to be interviewed or they might visit your project to take pictures and film videos of the daily activities. All coordinators and people int he projects love to see the work of the Communications Team and they are very happy when we publish their pictures in our social media. It is another way to let them know they are part of this community. So you can help our Communications Team by sharing your thoughts about your experience! Also, if you have pictures or texts of your own, you can also send them to us so we can share them with the community!

4. Leave a review about your volunteer experience.

In the same way, you can write a review or a blog post where you share your experience. The good and the bad, your thoughts before and after, what shocked you, what was frustrating. All this information can help new volunteers learn about what it is like to be a volunteer in the project where you worked. And it can also help the project to have volunteers who are more informed about the tasks to be done and understand the needs better.

5. Become an ambassador.

Voluntario Global has created Ambassador Community with a group of selected former volunteers who have chosen to further help us build and support sustainable development initiatives and collaborate with different projects in Argentina. The expectations of each Ambassador include representing Voluntario Global in their home country as a member of the organization. This is done by giving a contact reference to prospective volunteers and ensuring they understand the experience they are about to embark on. The Ambassadors also give continued support by involving Voluntario Global in events or fundraisers in their area.

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