#8M International Women’s Strike

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The International Women’s Strike was created in autumn 2016 as a response to the current social, legal, political, economic, moral and verbal violence experienced by contemporary women around the globe. At the moment, the IWS is integrated by 54 countries.

Women's strike has been carried out in Argentina since 2017 to make social inequalities visible, to continue fighting for our rights and to march for those that are no longer with us.

In Argentina, to make the strike more relevant, it was postponed to the next day: Monday 9th. Never the less, different activities and concetrations took place during the #8M.

Although the strike seeks to reflect the (non-paid) work that women do every day, it also finds us united against all this injustice.

March began as a hard month for the feminist movement: there were more femicides than days. During March of this year a woman was murdered every 12 hours in Argentina, and there are already 66 femicides so far this year. 

All this pain becomes flesh in the fight we give every day against gender violence, against a violence that expresses itself in multiple ways: physical, psychological, economic, symbolic, sexual.

We stand against this system that oppresses us and kills us every day. We stand togheter.

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