Let’s talk about soft skills: Public Speaking

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Soft Skills Certificate Public speaking Soft Skills Certificate Public speaking Milena Sapey

Public speaking is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively in front of both familiar and unfamiliar people. Even though you may think it's not a volunteering-related skill, public speaking will be involved.

It doesn't mean you will be addressing a huge crowd of people, but you will be talking about yourself, your goals, your life, your ideas, your culture. And it's no less important that when volunteering abroad you will always be talking to unfamiliar people, which might be more challenging.
Volunteering appears as a new experience that tests us in many aspects and makes us grow. Speaking in public is not just about standing up in front of others to give a speech, it is about being clear and being able to express our ideas.
One of the biggest problems of speaking in public is the fear and anxiety that is generated by that exposure, but if you traveled to a completely different country, handled other languages, communicated with people you had never seen with completely different realities, it is highly likely that anxiety and fear will diminish in other situations.
Although Public Speaking can be developed in many volunteer situations, it can particularly be developed in projects such as Teaching English, Communication, and the Radio Station project.

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