Let’s talk about soft skills: Networking

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Soft Skills Certificate Networking Soft Skills Certificate Networking Milena Sapey

Networking is the ability to establish connections with external people or institutions. But it is also about keeping them active to create productive relationships.

Networking is a highly looked skill in the business environment as a commercial feature. But for us, it is a lot more. We believe in networks as a way of growing and working together. For us, it is a collective action. We know that the generation of networks is something that goes beyond community practices. However, it is there where it gains value according to our beliefs. It may sound repetitive, but that's how we think the community grows. Voluntario Global itself is a network. A network of people doing amazing things and inspiring each other. Soup kitchens, community centers, sustainable projects, education placements, health centers, and volunteers from all around the globe. We all have unique perspectives, but we share a goal: we work towards community development. That's what sustains the network. We want volunteers to feel part of this community and be able to understand how the network works. At the same time, volunteers make their network with the people of the project, other volunteers, and any person or institution that makes their experience in this country. Networking is the core skill because it shows that we need each other and that we can't change anything by ourselves. It shows that together we are stronger.




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